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so, i got a lead teacher position at work...yay! FINALLY they realize that i actually am capable of something. its cool...though its not in the room i wanted, its still a lead teacher position, which means more money, plus a little more respect too. its all good... and i get to see jackson every day! huah...

well, there was another funeral...so thats 3 in 28 days kids. i'm just hoping that this is all for a while now...i don't think i can handle another time of hearing "on eagle's wings". heh. as you can tell, its been a pretty shitty month...but i have a feeling that better things are on the horizon! :o)

speaking of better things, i have one word: COLDPLAY. damn, i never thought i would fall in love with a band so quickly. it was just AMAZING! chris was just so great, with his little upright piano and how intense he was when he performed-- swoon. case and i had SUCH a good time (obviously), and when the played warning sign i thought i was gonna cry...aw, it was so damn cool. we're DEFINITELY going again...no doubt about it...hehe.

my cousin jeff is still here, which is a good thing. hopefully it'll be a while before he gets sent out, but in reality no on really knows when it will be...blah. i'm really not cool with the war thing. i know i'm not really big on politics, but i am big on saving lives, and that means that i'm anti-war. war just seems so juvenile... i know that its a necessity for us to have it-its how we've gotten land and gotten rid of slavery and become the pillar of freedom that america prides itself in, but at the same time i feel like people are acting like 2-year-olds. i just think that its really juvenile and immature the way that people, instead of trying to figure out a way to make things work out peacefully, just say "hey, well lets just go kill some innocent people and maybe then they'll give us what we want." i know this is coming from someone who doesn't know much about politics in general, but i just think that war is a stupid way of getting what we want. ok, i'm done.

i can't stop thinking about this one person...for some reason he came back into my mind last week, and i can't get him out now! lol...i think the next time i see him i'm gonna tell him how i feel, because its just stupid that i've liked him for so long and he doesn't know about it. i just get all happy when i think about this guy...that has to mean something, right? right jess...keep tellin yourself that. ;0)

my roommate is officially fired. i just can't wait till next year...laura and i are gonna have a BLAST! woo...

i gotta study...lata spuds.
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