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at the risk of sounding like one of my preschoolers, "i wanna go home!"

so, here's my med center story:

so, yesterday morning (that would be wednesday morning) i wake up, and the entire left side of my face is really swollen and it really hurts. so i'm like "what the fuck is going on!" like, it was so swollen that it made the side of my mouth droop down and it looked like i was two different people on the two sides. freaky. lol. so, i kept cold stuff on it all day, with hopes of getting the swelling down, and laura and maya said that i should wait a day to go to the med center because they basically suck, and plus the swelling might go down. so by wednesday night, my gums and teeth and jaw and all that were throbbing, and i was taking a bunch of aleve and all that...i slept a lot, so that made it a little better. so i went to bed with hopes that the swelling would go down, and sadly, i woke up with a left side of the face twice the size it was the day before, and i was terrified because i didn't know what was going on. maya was like "jessica, go to the med center now and figure out what the fuck is going on with your face...like now." i think laura and maya were wondering as much as i was what was going on...heh. friends rule. so, i wait around forever for them to fit me in, and then the doctor calls me back an hour later then she was supposed to, which really was ok because ken and yaell were there, so i got to talk to both of them. but anyway, so as everyone probably knows, i absolutely hate doctors...i usually black out at some point in the exam, which of course, i did. i know, its stupid, but its all in my head...weird stuff. so, i go back there, and she is really confused as to whats going on with me, and she goes to ask another doctor, and the general consensus is that i have an infection in one of my glands, which is making all this swelling and pain and all that...fun. so i get a bunch of pain pills and anti-biotics, and am told that if it doesn't get better in the next two days i need to go to the emergency room because there's something else going on. so thats always comforting, espicially since it is showing no signs of getting better-- it actually might be getting a little worse. so here i am, sitting at my desk with a vanilla coke can pressed on my jaw, and i of course can't eat because i can't open my mouth wider then a spoon...so my diet has consisted of yogart. heh. anyway, not that this is something i want to complain about, i just am a little worried about it...heh. my mom has called me like a dozen times in the last day and a half...i miss her like ten times more when i 'm sick. haha...so...thats my story. good times...

so rhonda was in a really bad car accident...i feel so horrible about it. i wish i was back in salem so i could be there for all the people that it affected...i guess josh is really upset. but, hopefully, she'll start to improve. i don't know what i would do if someone close to me got into an accident like that...i miss everyone so much! lol... i guess this entry seems to be pretty depressing, when really i've been having a really good week, other then all that other stuff...lol.

i got that job at the day care center up here, so i'm really really excited about that too. i'm going in tomorrow to talk to the manager and all that, so thats awesome. i'll only be working three days a week, so thats not too bad, but i wll actually have some money...which is, of course, a very good thing for a college student. :o)

and on that note, i'm gonna try to sleep for a while...i have an exam in the AM, so wish me luck kids! nighty...
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