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look...an update!

huah...so things have been going fairly well for me lately...here are some random details

1. someone who i hated in highschool is now becoming my friend--kinda...hmm...
2. my roommate hasn't slept in our room for three weeks
3. i keep making up words that aren't in the dictionary
4. i almost killed my turtles
5. my job is absolutely wonderful
6. i just changed my major to special education, with *hopefully* a specialization in autism
7. i'm going to see my cousin chris soon...woo
8. i am one of four girls in my hallway that actually washes their hands after they use the restroom
9. i recently found that one of my cats has been sleeping in my room every night since i left to come back to school...aww!
10. sean and i were almost killed sunday night...well, we thought we were gonna die... well, i thought so lol

life is splended, mostly because of my job and my friends. school is...ok...i'm totally pumped about the piano class i'm taking next semester...FINALLY i'll be able to use a practice room in the music and speech building (which, thankfully, is really close to my dorm, since next semester i plan on being there A LOT), and i'm really excited to be taking some classes in special ed. i've been reading a lot about autism, and it also helps that one of the boys in my toddler class is autistic, so i kinda know what to expect. i feel really bad for him though, because he's not in a special school, where he should be. i mean, its not like courtney and i can spend all the time we need to with him since there are 11 other 1-3 year olds we need to be watching. he's starting to communicate a little with me, but lately, since we've gotten two more kids in the class, he seems to be getting worse. i feel really bad and wish i could do more, but his parents refuse to admit that he has a problem. the worst thing is, he has a twin brother who is a completely normal 3-year-old, so we are almost forced to compare the two. its tough, but also extremely fulfilling when he makes the little progresses, like the first time he spoke in the class ((he said "book")) i was so excited i came home and called my mom to tell her about it. see, now i know what i want to do for the rest of my life, and thats something i havn't known for a really long time. yay...

ok, now, aside from the whole work thing, life has been pretty peachy for the past week or so. i saw TMBG in concert, which was quite possibly the most fun concert i've ever seen. mary and i had a great time...huah. it was great because they played every single song we were waiting for during the 2-hour set, except for the two that we were waiting for THE MOST. so, of course, they came out for an oncour, and played on of them, and mary and i went CRAZY, but were still waiting for our very favorite song ((particle man)), so were kinda sad, but we started yelling for them to come back out, and they did, and of course, played particle man. i just kept thinking about jazz band and how we all used to sing those songs all the time...aw, i miss mr. p.!!! lol...

looking for a new AIM icon...any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

my brother got his ear pierced, which is fine with me because its a lot better then the whole tongue piercing thing he was gonna do...ew, i hate those. ((sorry john...lol...)) josh is a neato kid...i'm glad he's my brother. :o)

i miss christmas carol! this is the first year in 8 years that i havn't done the play... it just won't seem like christmas without dressing up in old moldy clothes from the 1800's, and standing out in the front of SCT singing while stupid teenagers yell things at us...lol. seriously though, i'm gonna miss the play...its a tradition, espicially for joshers and me. oh well, i'll still go around caroling i'm sure.

things with my dad are gradually improving, which makes a lot of stuff better. he told me he was proud of me for the first time in 6 years, which really REALLY means a whole lot, and i guess he's been asking my mom about me too, which disproves the theory i have that he really doesn't care...hmm. i know he's been sick and he has to go in for some more tests, so i wonder if that has anything to do with it...well, i guess it doesn't really matter, because at least now he's showing an interest.

laura and i are planning on going to the rec every day...any bets on how long THAT will last? lol...

things are well with the BBS and the golden girls...no romances to report yet, but a few potentials...hmm. oh, and very soon the web site will be updated with a ton of new pictures...yay! laura just got a whole bunch developed, including one from a certain night last semester with a certain guy...yea, i kinda wish i could tear that picture up...lol. but thats ok. maybe i'll put that one on the site...then y'all can see what he looks like! lol...

hmm...not much else to report, except that i'm debating on whether to cut my hair or keep it long. the general consensus is that i shouldn't cut it, but i'm kinda aching for a change. we'll see...

and on that note, i do believe that i'm going to sleep now, since class and work comes quite early in the AM. nighty kids...
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