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and here we go again.

well, mary told me to update, so i'm going to. yea.

umm...yet again, life is going better and better. a LOT less complicated, for certain reasons, and also 10 times busier. apparently its possible to be decreasingly complicated, but increasingly busy...hmm. right. so, i LOVE my job...i'm, of course getting more and more into it...cortney and i have been working our asses off on our room in the past two weeks, and it finally looks great, (thanks to a bunch of shit from my basement, plus tons of donations from the other daycare). we're proud of ourselves! heh...um, so they hired this new girl for our room, and of course, she gets my hours. and now, i'm being bumped out of the room i've been in for 4 1/2 months, into a completely new room, just because of this stupid ditzy girl who is taking all our hours, and can't even teach. ((sorry, i just got done with a bitch session w/ a few of my co-workers...lol.)) anyway, so work has been kinda crazy, with the new owners, and most of us hating them, but HEATHER'S BACK! woo... it finally feels somewhat normal again now.

speaking of heather, she, cort and i went out the other night and had a really good time. it was cool...bowling rocks. :o) and old guys. and large hoochies. heh.

so, the other day i went to my gram's for dinner--always a great experience of course, and my aunt mary, sarah, dan, and uncle lee were there with my aunt rita, and my three-person-family, so we had a good time. what did we do, you ask? oh no, not board games, not old home movies, but scratch-off lottery tickets. my cousin and i actually bought 33 of them, most of the bought in change from my mom and her sisters' purses, and we sat around scratching them off with metal spoons. suprisingly, we had a BLAST. lol...it is the weirdest family bonding ritual i've ever participated in, but definitely a lot of fun.

winter break was, of course, enjoyable. we all had a good time, though i decided to pick the people i hung out with very carefully this time, and actually ended up drama-less. it was nice.

my dad is sick, but he's not saying anything to us about just how sick he is, so i don't really know what to expect from him. its scary, because i always think that i have a lot of years left to patch things up with him, but i'm not sure that thats the truth anymore. blah...it'll happen sooner or later, hopefully anyway.

um, male status: the fellow i've been infatuated with for quite some time, i've given up on. its not gonna work, and i just need to accept it. so i have. :o) and have moved on...and actually, there is a potential relationship on the horizon, and this time i can actually see it maybe working...woo. very nice guy, definitely my type, some of the same interests, so we'll see...

nothing else really to report...i know i've forgotten a billion important things that happened recently, but oh well. i'm tired, and am going to bed. night kids.
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