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the metallicats.

just call me martha-f'in-stewart. :-)

umm, so heather called my boss and told her that if she doesn't stop screwing cort and me over, she's gonna lose 6 employees, so hopefully everything will work out. i hope so anyway...i don't wanna start to look for a new job yet...lol...i wouldn't mind it so much if i actually wanted a secretary's job, but sadly i would actually like to work with the kids. I know thats asking for a lot, but, ya know, if i'm gonna be a teacher i would like a little more experience with children then filing forms with their names on them. But, a girl's gotta eat! and wear pretty clothes...lol...so we'll see. Pretty soon cortney and i are just gonna get a couple of nameplates for the desk since thats where we'll probably be staying for quite a while...heh. good times.

things are swell, even though i fell out of my chair in class yesterday in front of greg. of all classes to fall out of my chair in! sheesh...thats ok, cause according to maya, it was probably just really funny....or, just something that loveable me would do. whippah. i joined the CEC, and hopefully it'll be really cool for me to get involved with...and, of course a certain someone is there too, which makes it all better. :o) oh, and speaking of exceptional children, we got another autistic boy at the daycare, and i (apparently) will be taking care of a little boy named Jackson who had down syndrom. woo..i never thought i'd be excited about having kids with handicapps at the daycare...haha. i'm just really excited to be getting the experience.

IT'S THE NORTH V.S. THE SOUTH YET AGAIN! and the north HAS to win...again. and we will... the good side always wins.

so i guess everyone that i know on campus is living in the same dorm as me next year...woo. it should be a good time. i'm actually really really excited for next year, even though maya will be in italy. it's gonna be weird without her here, but hopefully she'll have a great time and we'll talk to her a bunch while she's gone. i wish i was going to italy...

oh, speaking of italy, i found the web site for my family in italy! woo...now, if only i could speak italian...

going to see chris soon, which i'm really excited for. and also, as soon as i get up the money, i'm getting my computer back, which will really be a relief.

k, lata spuds.
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