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6 years....damn. :o(

so, i just got a call from case and eddo! woo...i'm so happy now. i was feeling so homesick, and then they called me and made me fell better. :o) case's uncle got us coldplay tickets for 7th row!!!! huah...it's gonna be soooo much fun. i can't wait to see those guys again...for some reason this week i've been missing my friends from home so much more then ever, and it was really awesome to talk to them. yay. now when i get to see some of them next weekend, it will be even better. :o)

oh, one piece of horrible news, sean's grandma is dying, which is heartbreaking. it just all happened so fast, with her getting sick and everything. i feel so horrible for him, and i just wish i could be there in person for him to kinda helphim through it, because obviously he's not taking it well. i offered my home for him to stay at for awhile since he doesn't really know where he's gonna live, but he doesn't know...i just don't want him to have to be in this situation...blah.

well, so there is one really cool thing and two really crappy things on my mind tonight, and i also have two tests tomorrow...heh. so i'm gonna go. adios.
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