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2 surveys stolen from mazary. :o)

Do you bite your nails?: YES
Can you roll your tongue?: i wish i could...heh
Can you raise one eyebrow at a time?: yea
Can you blow smoke rings?: not a smoker kids
Tattoos?: wouldn't you like to know?
Piercings and where?: ears
Which shoe goes on first?: whichever is closest to me
On the average, how much money do you carry in your purse/wallet?: enough
What jewelry do you wear 24/7?: earrings, turtle neclace, rings
Favorite Piece of Clothing: my hoodie
Do you twirl your spaghetti or cut it?: twirl
Have you ever eaten Spam?: sadly, yes.
Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: chocolate/cherry
How many cereals in your cabinet?: i steal laura and maya's cereal.
What's your favorite beverage?: milk!
What's your favorite restaurant?: applebeas
Do you cook?: when i have to
How often do you brush your teeth?: usually 2 times a day
How often do you shower/bathe?: every day
How long does your shower last?: as short as possible...dorm showers, remember...
Do you paint your nails?: not anymore
Do you swear?: why the fuck would anyone fucking swear?
Actor/Actress: tom hanks & john cusack/ meg ryan
Animal: turtles, duh.
Food: cheese!
Month: july
Day: saturday
Cartoon: animaniacs!
Flower: lilacs
Shoe Brand: umm.
Subject in school: exceptionalities
Color: purple and blue
Sport: baseball and soccer
Body part on the opposite sex: hands
TV show: friends, and thats about all i have time to watch...lol.
10 Celebrities you wish you looked like:
((i agree with mary...))
Holiday: chrismas, and groundhog day of course.
Book: everything my aunt recommends for me
Vacationing Spot: canada
Thing To Do In The Spring: steal flowers from places around campus
Thing To Do In The Summer: pimpin wit mary
Thing To Do In The Fall: drive through piles of leaves
Thing To Do In The Winter: eat yellow snow of course.
Perfume or Cologne: estee lauder pleasures, and adidas
Game: risk and american idol with maya and laura
The CD Player: one of glenn's mix cd's
Person you talk most on the phone with: sean, my mom, heather
Ever taken a cab?: yup
Have you ever skinny-dipped with the opposite sex?: no..i'd probably start laughing
Ever sunbathed nude?: no, i would scare the birds away.
Window seat or aisle?: window
What's your sleeping position?: on my side
What kind of bed do you like?: comfy ones
Even in hot weather do you use a blanket?: yea, i always use a comforter
Do you snore?: when i'm sick
Do you sleepwalk?: i have before
Do you talk in your sleep?: yes
Do you sleep with a stuffed animals?: sometimes...a large stuffed dog
Do you fall asleep with the TV or radio on?: usually
Coke or Pepsi?: pepsi, yo
Oranges or apples?: oranges
One pillow or two?: three
Deaf or blind?: i think i'd rather be blind...so i could listen to music <------ agree with mary
Pools or hot tubs?: hot tubs
Blondes or brunettes?: brownies
TV or radio?: tv
Beach or pool?: beach
Tic-Tacs or Certs?: certs can spark if you bite em right!
Snooze button or jump out of bed?: i hit the snooze button at least 10 times before i get up
Sunrise or Sunset?: either/or
Hamburger or Cheeseburger?: kathy lee giffordburger <----- agree
Morning or night?: night
Sports or news?: news
Indoors or outdoors?: outdoors
Christmas Eve or Christmas Day?: christmas day
Cake or ice cream?: cake
Bert or Ernie?: ernie!
Peanut Butter or Jelly?: so this one time my friend cortney and i were at the store, and we saw this old lady and she was handing out samples of this peanut butter/jelly stuff that was in the form of one of those cheese slices, you know, the ones with the clear plastic paper thats in a weird shape, and also somewhat confusing to open because i never get the right side. anyway, so cortney and i both took a sample, just to be nice, and we both said that it was really good, but in reality we thought it was the grossest thing in the world. and thats what i think about peanut butter and jelly.
Hamburger or Hot Dog?: like i said, kathy lee giffordog
Dog or Cat? both, please.
Bath or shower? shower
Book or Movie?: too many
Green or Red apples?: green
Rain or Snow?: rain
Took a shower?: this morning
Watched Bambi: a couple years ago while babysitting
Cried? umm, yesterday?
Talked on the phone?: tonight
Read a book?: "the pact" during break
Where do you see yourself in ten years?: hopefully not still at kent state.
How many kids?: at least 3
Your profession: tree farmer.


((((numero dos...))))

five things that make you laugh :
01. cortney's AWESOME nap-time music
02. laura b
03. the comercial with the guy in the car with the other guy and the coffee and the nelly song playing...yea
04. braydon
05. snowmen flipping me off

five things you love :
01. my pets
02. my family and friends
03. cheese
04. working at the daycare
05. sleep

five things you hate :
01. being away from my friends
02. people who are obnoxious and rude
03. fig newtons
04. being the daycare secretary
05. not having sleep

five things on your computer desk :
01. my phone
02. cds
03. all my daycare shit i have to do
04. a magazine
05. a book i'm reading

five facts about you :
01. i hate confrontations
02. i wish i could go back to a year ago, without all the bullshit.
03. i get annoyed very easily
04. i love kids
05. i also love my journal

five famous people you want to meet :
01. kirk hammit
02. harry connick jr.
03. andrew lloyd webber
04. conan!
05. eminem

top five bands/artists you love :
01. metallica
02. dashboard confessional
03. good charlotte
04. mest
05. lots of other guys

five objects you love :
01. jackson and braydon from the daycare
02. my green pen
03. my turtle snow globe
04. my bobbing sumo-wrestlers
05. my bed

five foods/drinks :
01. cheese
02. cheese
03. cheese
04. diet pop
05. cheese

five (by five i mean 10 of course) favorite friendships right now :
01. laura
02. mary
03. heather
04. cortney
05. glenn
06. jenn
07. kelly
08. casey
09. eddo
10. abby


ZangLittleTurtle: mazary, you're my hero
piNk buNNy laNd: ditto
ZangLittleTurtle: so, whats shakin, bacon?
piNk buNNy laNd: im fakin and rakin
ZangLittleTurtle: thats my second favorite thing to do
piNk buNNy laNd: besides takin and makin?
ZangLittleTurtle: of course
piNk buNNy laNd: haha im posting that
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