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this has been an interesting couple of weeks...heh. here's a list of the new things:

1. sean's grandma and fr. schmidt both passed away within 2 days of each other, so needless to say it was a horrible week.
2. i'm going to see coldplay on sunday with case. :o)
3. i got a new kittie
4. jeff is going to iraq...blah.
5. i'm getting sick again
6. we're trying to get tickets to metallica, but it doesn't seem to be working... damn.
7. i'm gettin closer, kids! ;o)
8. i'm being used by someone, and its the one person that i thought wouldn't use me...hmm...

and thats about it. of course, there are many many details and other neat things going on, but nothing that i really want to report right now. later.
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