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oh, how i yearn for a jetta...

i want a new car--one that i'm not worried about it breaking down while i'm driving it. heh. actually, my car's ok for right now, as far as ghetto cars go anyway, and i really havn't had any problems with it, except of course for that time it stalled while glenn and i were in my driveway. my dad just got the idea in my mom's head that he doesn't think my car can take driving an hour to and from work every day, on top of *hopefully* driving to vacation somewhere. i dunno...even though my car is very ghetto right now, its not a bad car, and it does get my from point a to point b. its always nice to dream of driving something newer...

so, i finally got around to buying sean's cd player for his birthday. ellie, kelly, joan, and my mom all gave me money for it, so i ended up paying for most of it myself, but its cool...thats what refunds from kent state or for! hehe...anyway, so i had this whole suprise thing worked out, and it worked out really well. he was so happy! he basically stopped breathing, and had to pull over the car because he was so excited. :o) i also got him the cher cd, which, of course, he really loved. we went to get chinease food after we dropped the car off at best buy, and it was reeeeaaaaaaaaally good...mmm. it was so great...its nice to make a friend happy, epsicially since he has rarely been happy lately. yay, life is good!

also, i just found out that kristen might be transferring to kent next year! that would be so awesome...my friends from home are my safety net, and its hard being here and not having them here also, and it'll be awesome when kristen goes here to...it'll feel a little more normal. :o)

traci FINALLY got fired. thank god. i mean, i do feel bad for her, but at the same time, i'm so happy because almost all the stress from my job will be taken away now. i was really considering quitting my job, for a lot of reasons. first of all, there are five of us that work REALLY hard at the daycare (me, grant, heather, cortney, and jenn), and because we work really hard, we get a lot more responsibity then the other teachers, but also, we get a lot less respect. sure, it does feel good that we're the first people who are asked to do something when it needs to get done because michelle knows that we will do it right. we care so much about these kids, that we're willing to do more then our share of work to make sure that they are learning and thriving as well as they should be. traci, katrina, lisa, florence, and michelle just do absolutly NOTHING during the day, so they're in their own little group, just sitting around bitching about the stuff that we're not doing right. grr...its just really aggrivating. but, now hopefully things will start to get better...

i have a doctor's appointment tomorrow, and i'm really nervous about it...blah. :-I

i have the flu again, which is really weird...i havn't had the flu since i was in grade school, and i've already had it two times this year...wtf! lol...i'm tired of being sick! i dont want to do it anymore...ahh! lol, if you can't tell i'm just a tad frustrated...

k, need to get a little more sleep before tomorrow, so i'm gonna go...i'll catch you kids lata...
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